The objective of the quality and environmental policy of our company is to consolidate this reality, always improving the service and attention to the requirements of our clients, controlling and minimizing the impacts on the environment when carrying out the activities of manufacture, assembly and commercialization of accessories for double glazing.

The Directorate controls and confirms all the documentation of the system and notifies all the personnel who work for the organization or on behalf of it, the obligation to follow all the instructions derived from this process to reach the highest quality guarantee that we can offer and the greatest respect for the environment.

Aunque la coordinación y ejecución de las acciones necesarias para el aseguramiento de la Calidad y respeto medioambiental se delegue en su responsable, la responsabilidad última de obtenerla recae en Gerencia, por la que garantiza los medios humanos, técnicos y económicos necesarios para alcanzarlos.

The management has made the decision to adopt a Quality and Environmental Policy, based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards, generalized in all areas of the company, seeking at the same time:


– Satisfying customer needs, both explicit and implicit, in terms of the products we make and the services we offer.

– The optimization of the means and available resources, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company and the improvement with respect to the environment.

– The motivation and satisfaction of the personnel who work for the organization or on behalf of it for the development of their skills and knowledge, aimed at their personal development and awareness of Quality and Environmental aspects.

– We undertake to comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes, striving to achieve our objectives of protection and continuous improvement of the environment and quality within our business activity.

– We are committed to continuously improve and prevent pollution generated by our activities, carrying out more exhaustive monitoring of the activities and / or infrastructures that are most critical to the environment.

– Take into account the environmental aspects identified, to help minimize pollution and environmental degradation.

– The final quality of the product and service provided to the client is the result of planned and systematic PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT actions throughout the cycle, setting annual improvement targets for them.


The Management of FADASA – LLANERA. Edited: 1ª 20-february.2018